Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I was outside this evening after dinner watching Ben chop down trees and limbs, watching two very happy very healthy bous play and a beautiful swaddled little girl sleep beside me on the swing and I felt beyond blessed. This is the stuff I dreamed of and pretended and longed for my entire life. Now I know that tommorrow at that very same time I may be questioning my sanity and longing for them to turn 18, but for now it was a very precious moment of gratitude to a God that I cannot comprehend His love for me to have given me such sweet things on earth!
And may I say that He has supernaturally at just the right moment sent help to us? I have felt so spoiled and cared for by everyone! My mom, Bens mom, freinds, neighbors helping with the boys or molly or me. Doing laundry, bringing meals, helping entertain or distract the boys..bring treats and words of blessing. Thank you. What a loving heavenly Father huh?!