Monday, August 22, 2011


Brief facts today. i am short on energy and low on laptop battery;
I had a UTI. Thought meds made me have 'the runs' (i will forever think of my college roomate when i say that-1st time i'd heard it)
BUT i have a virus. A MEAN ONE! it has not let me keep ANY food in me for 72 hours..including the BRAT diet or saltines!
Somehow Miss Molly has managed to soil diapers appropriately-im drinking a ton..
Brennan has it too.
Immodium in liquid form tastes DISGUSTING!!!! (oh and it has blue and yellow dye)
Postpardum issues are complicated with a virus..i will spare you details.
Knox is cutting his 2 year molars..and has a new interest-a pacy..'like Molly' he says
Brennan told Ben today "i threw up cept it came out my bottom"- a perfect description of our virus. We laughed.