Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Surviving three

So many people are asking how its gong with us...and I will begin by telling you our family verse for the week last week and this one is "do everything without complaining or arguing" phil 2:14
I put it on our chalkboard in the Playroom to remind myself as much as the boys..this weeks verse is" rejoice in the Lord always"...we sang the song and talked about the Lord being another name for God..we have just begun this Monday morning bible time with the boys to work on a verse and concept all week.again I will tell you it is much more than for me than for them. It sets my heart right and teaches me to be the example of a follower of Gods commands.
Knoxmight have had an ear infection didn't take him to the dr but he complained of his ears for two days.Brennan had some pimento cheese with food coloring in it on accident and we had a wild child for two days. Molly ...
We think has colic...or reflux...or a dairy or protein allergy.we talk to the dr again tomorrow. I have researched the symptoms and she has all the symptoms of reflux. We go to the dr tomorrow.
My brain seems like scrambled eggs, I don't think I have finished a phone conversation or any other conversation for that matter in weeks, so sorry friends for not returning calls etc.
But for the most part it is good. As crazy as it is I would have it no other way. I think Knox and Brennan being so close was so tough there about a year ago that just about anything seems less than that:) God is faithfully providing grace one day at a time!