Monday, October 3, 2011


"...and the wife must respect her husband..." Ephesians 5:33
Respect is phobeo in Greek meaning to reverence, venerate, to treat with deferene or reverential obedience.

Respect in websters is an act of giving particular attention or special regard to
Deferene- esteem due/ affected or ingratiating regard for another's wishes
Ingratiating- capable of winning favor/ intended or adopted in order to gain favor

Venerate- to honor, reverence and show admiring devotion

Honor- to show evidence of distinction

I have often wondered what it meant to respect my husband. This morning I was looking for a bible verse to teach Brennan about respect so that he would understand why we use Mr. And Mrs. In front of names. I stumbled across this verse in my search and decided to do a little word study.
I have read books, searched for books and resources that would teach me what respect looked like in my life towards my husband. This word study helped me more than anything I have read