Thursday, October 13, 2011


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Sock monkey number two..

Loves his cowboy hat.. And he what the shirt says is true!

With his papa and doesn't get much better..

He is learning to ride his bike and doing really well. You should see him fly down the driveway!

All grown up with his hands in his pockets!

Everywhere that Brennan goes, Knox is sure to follow...


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Molly's baby dedication was last Sunday. At our church it's not the dress up where a white handmade dress, you're the only one type deal. There were eleven babies dedicated on sunday. They do baby dedications four times a year and there are always this many. Really. Our church has a ton of babies! They show a picture of each baby introducing them to the church n the pastors spray for each family for the salvation of the child and guidance in raising them for the parents.

We are the ones right next to the podium on the left

Knox loves his sis..and she loves him. He brings a smile to her face, as he does the rest of us..

Here is Nana. I love this because she has her little hand wrapped around my moms neck!

Brennan news update

I am so proud of Brennan. He knows all his letters and is beginning to form words. He wrote this with chalk when my parents came to visit.

He wrote this last Friday to welcome our CARE GROUP to our house. I love that he mixes capitals and lowercase it looks like a font..

Here he is the one behind he camera..BRENNAN took these pictures! Ben got some new camera equipment and was outside trying out different lighting techniques. Brennan went inside, got my camera and came out for his own photo shoot..

Knox has his play camera..thats all we let him have right now, he is a bit destructive..

Yep..he took these pictures too. Im thankful that he just got my feet in the last one because no one wants to see me in my pjs, no makeup doing chores..right??!!

And here he is trying on his fall festival costume..a sock monkey..isn't it precious?

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