Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life lately

We got. To go Out. On. A date.

A real date. Like gone more than an hour..We went to a really net place in Chattanooga called fFood Works. We got sweet potatoe chips and dip and I got a crab cake and ben got shrimp and grits. It was sone of those places you know its safe to order seafood and it will be good.

As a child we had huge maple trees that dropped TONS of leaves. Sme of my favorite memories are piling up those leaves and jumping in them...history repeats its is Brennan diving into a pile at the bottom of our slide.


And here is littleMolly-Lu. That's whati call here but ben calls her Molly pop. The boys are still crazy over her! She is doing great full of grins and beginning to form a schedule..she wakes when hungry, stays awake aftere each feed for about an hour to 1.5 then goes back to sleep for an hour to 1.5. She is beginning to grab for things and really spends to her. Daddy and Knox. Brennan is kind of oh well about her most of the time.
We went to the doctor on Tuesday for shots. All three kids.yep. My attitude was get it all over with at once.we did. Knox got four,Brennan three Molly two and the rota virus oral stuff. She weighed 11 pounds at 10 weeks. It was quite crazy with three crying kids. And as we left Knox set off our car alarm so picture leaving the dr with Molly in her infantino on my belly, and a boy in each hand and my Yukon honking at the entire was great...I just had to laugh out loud..
Our verse for the week is "i am weak but God is strong" it was perfect for the moment.
I got to go get a haircut while the boys were at mothers day out yesterday. It was such a treat! As soon as I sat down she poured some rosemary mint oil in here hands and massaged my head before she got started. I said its worth coming for a trim just for this! Plus she did a fabulous job and I got to catch up on her son, a former student of mine..she said that two years ago when he got a letter from himself that i mailed it was so timely as she a going through a divorce and felt like he wasn't listening to her. She said he still hadn't pinned to his bulletin board. I always had my students write a letter to themselves reminding them of what their goals where in life and what they needed to do to accomplish them,then I mail it to them a year later..I was so glad to hear that it mattered and didn't just get know?
Well our house is quite messy and we ha care group here tomorrow night do I better go get my worker bees and get to work..