Saturday, November 12, 2011

Update on Molly

I will try to give you run down what h gone on with Molly. Since she was about 2 weeks old ( I'm not sure what triggered it) but Molly began screaming while she was eating and afterwards for about a 10 minutes up to 30 or more. She pulled off and on a lot and squirmed and twisted while nursing,she burped and spit up large amounts after every feeding. I told my pediatrician at each check up and he had me first go no daIry then no soy. He said to stay away from gassy foods like broccoli sweet potatoes spinach etc. I did. He mentioned no gluten, I did it. I was eating a pear for bfast, a banana for lunch, steamed rice and chicken for dinner. I was drinking coconut, or almond milk (which I enjoy both) and watching every morsel that went in my mouth. She was still Behaving the same way during nursings. My pediatrician and countless others recommended that I move to formula. I did and gradually have stopped bfeeding completely today being the first day since she was born that I haven't. I kept nursing even just a little because I didn't want to get mastitis since I am very proned to that. She still fusses after feedings, she still spits up large amounts ( like 1-3 oz) she doesn't scream or squirm while taking the bottle she does pull off and on the bottle a lot, she will only take a #2 top on an agent bottle without either drowning ( on #3 or up or fast flow on dr brown or playtex nursers) or taking 30 minutes or more to take the bottle (with #1 or slow flow tops). There have been days where she cried for an hour up to four hours non stop unable to be consoled with the five s fix (swaddle,suck,stomach/side,sshhh,sway) she slept great when she first came home for 5-6 hour streches. And then whatever the switch was that got turned on about feeding fussy got turned off about sleeping well. At first I just thought it was because we traveled. We were in Alabama for a family wedding on bens side and he did the photography. We visited his grandmother and she met mollyfor the first time. We knew it was the right thing to do because she has not been well lately. But it was a rough go for Molly. Me and the boys went to my moms from there and I tried to just see it as a messed up schedule and different locations.
She was 4 weeks old.
She is now 13 weeks old. we try to keep the schedule, sleeping and feeding, we stay at home most every day. It isn't that. The dr called in Zantac. We didn't see a change. After being in Alabama last week and my parents observing her and concluding something was definitely amiss we revisited pediatrician on Monday. He recommended that I go on formula completely even though he agrees "breast is always best". He recommended me to a gastreologist and we have an appt on Friday the 18th. He called in Prilosec and after one dose she vomited and had diarea. We haven't continued that medication.
She sleeps for about four maybe five hours at night. She naps for about an hour at a time during the day. She has been very gassy and congested since we started the formula. She has had green snot the past two mornings. But dr said no relation, that her ears are clear.
The boys are so tired of her crying (and me toooooo!!!!!!!!)
We pray for her daily and every time I was in th nursing room at our church since her birth some sympathetic mom has prayed for her healing. She is a very happy baby when she isn't n pain. I wish I knew what to do to help her. I have tried everything I know. We are praying for answers this Friday. They may have to do a scope which means she may have to be put to sleep. Those are not fun thoughts for a mom, but we just want her to get help.
We have read through the symptoms of colic and really don't feel like that is what it is. She doesn't cry only at certain times of the day. She doesn't seem to be soothed by the things that sooth colicky just want to know what it is bemuse she is in obvious pain.It seems to have worsened in the last few weeks. Please pray for us but know that although we are physically and mentally exhausted we are spiritually encouraged and being strengthened.