Saturday, November 19, 2011

Children's hospital visit

Yesterday Molly and I went to Knoxvilles children's hospital for our first visit to the g.i. Doctor. Since my last post, I have been doing the formula nutramigen all but at once a day. Only bc Molly would cry uncontrollably and try to latch onto any skin she could, my chin, neck, hand, or even bens. It was obvious she wanted to nurse. I was nursing her once a day strictly for comfort. I wasn't even sure if she was getting much. But the cdoctor yesterday said the only way to see if she is struggling from a milk protein intolerance is to stop completely. She said that all mammals whether cows, goats or humans all make a protein in our mllk. That protein is what Molly is most likely unable to digest. She said if this formula doesn't work to move to one called Neocate which costs about $70 a can. We are going thru 2 cans as week right now. So whoa! The nutramigen is soy based.
Also she believes that she needs further testing on reflux. Molly is only in the 8th-10th percentile and weighs 11.1 lbs. I didn't think much about this until as I was leaving I met a lady who had her son who was born at 24 weeks and weighed 2.13 lbs at birth and he was now 3 1/2 months like Molly and they weighed the same thing. She thought her son was way behind because he was a premie and I just then realized that maybe Molly isnt keeping enough food down. If the reflux is simply a laundry inconvenience then I could care less, but it's more. She still spits up about 2 oz after a feeding and fusses after each feeding. The doctor wants us to run blood work and do x-rays. She said she didn't want to run a scope on a baby this young but if the X-rays show malformation or disfunctin she will. We go back to children's tomorrow (sunday) to do bloodwork and take a stool sample. We go on November 30 to have the xrays and we go December something ( i will haveto doube,check) for the results of the labwork.
We had care group at our house last night and they prayed for Molly's healing. We know that if God chooses to heal her we will giveHim all the glory,but if not He is still a good God working out good things in our hearts and teaching us much aboutHis Father heart.
Our boys are struggling with all the crying. Brennan is dealing with it by becoming very aggressive. He has never bitten anyone But left a hard black circle on Knox arm this week. When I asked him why he but he said he was angry..he has been hitting, taking toys from Knox and being defiant towards ben andme. The sound of a crying baby is hard enough on adults who know what to try to do to help a baby, but for a toddler who got mad at the doctor for hurting his brother and sister because he gave them shots and made them cry, it's difficult to understand. We think he is mad that we don't help her and plus just the sound of babies crying is a frustrating sound. It is their scream for help. Brennan is angry that we "won't" help her. He tells me all the time mom Molly is crying- can you help her? Or asked why I can't help her. It is effecting knox's sleep. He hears her up crying after her middle of the night feedings and doesn't understand why he can't be up too. I had just fallen back asleep around midnight the other night and we heard Knox get up. Ben got up and found im in front of the fridge with the fridge wide open with a carton of milk trying to open it. He had to be put back to bed three times that night and to without a four in the morning. Both of the boys were doing so great with potty stuff. Brennan had gone three months without wetting his pull up at night. It was wet twice this week. Knox has had to go back to pull ups complelty after wearing underwear for a month before molly was born.
Ben can't get away from the crying even with his soundproof headphones and the office door locked. He is looking into an office space downtown again. We are looking for household help.
There are numerous times when I have to set Molly down as far away from the boys as I can and go discipline them over jotting, taking toys away etc. I have to raise my voice for them to even hear me over her cries. They have been yelling at me and each other now as a new thing.
I could go on and on telling ou the drama at our house but I want to leave you knowing that ben and I have faith that Gods Grace is sufficient and that he will do abundantly more than we could ask or imagine.
Psalm 71:5
For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O LORD, from my youth.
Hebrews 10: 35-36 therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised