Tuesday, November 29, 2011


You are forever in my life
You see me through the seasons
Cover me with Your hand
And lead me in Your righteousness

And I look to You
And I wait on You

I'll sing to You Lord
A hymn of Love
For Your faithfulness to me
I'm carried in everlasting arms
You'll never let me go
Through it all

-Hill songs Through it All-

We are still so filled wth thanks at the improvement in Molly. Knox has shown improvement in the bedtime issues as we consistently discipline. Brennan has returned to his more usual self, although three is quite the testing stage..to God be the glory for tidbits of rest we are receiving! Just doing formula instead of nursing is a HUGE break for me. B feeding always drains me in the most powerful way. More than being pregnant. Yes really. I usually feel great during pregnancy..just not while nursing, I literally feel like the babies suck the life out of me. My skin looses luster, I loose all my baby weight and then some, I have dark circles under my eyes..so although I may have to fight the flab extra hard this time, I am feeling more energetic and lively since she has been on the bottle.
Now, for another HUGE answer to prayer, while talking with a friend the other night I was reminded of a very dear little family here in Athens that has three older teenage daughters. They are/ were home schooled and may have time available during the mornings and/ or regular school hours. I called their mom out of sheer desperation to see if she might be willing to lend me one or two of them occasionally for help with the kids and or the home. You will be awed by our Gods kindness as you hear her response:
Joy! This is unbelievable we are doing a Book study with their girls called "preparing to be his helpmeet" ( read more here)
My husband and I have discussed how we feel it would be beneficial to have them kind of ' intern ' with a young wife and mom..
Wow! If that is not God's hand at work? You can read about them here
We start on Thursday I am so thrilled! Thank you GOD!!!!!!