Saturday, January 14, 2012

now and then..

i am not going to apologize for it being so long since i updated this blog. it is part of my new years resolution to live with no worries, to consider less the thoughts others have of me and think of others more.
i am so VERY thankful to God for all of my precious friends. Some of you i keep up with on here, some through occasional phone dates, some through my mother. Still all of you are so amazing. REALLY. God has allowed me to meet and be a part of some truly amazing people. I have spent (wasted) time trying to make people who are in my life now, like some of you (bosom friends), but have come to the realization that i have been blessed beyond words with girls of outstanding character and depth. thank you for loving me despite my lack of both.
some of you are so good at writing or communicating that i feel like i am somewhat aware of the huge things God is doing or has done in your life, and i am not good at puting those things on paper (or type :). For now, i want to reflect back on the goodness of God in 2011:
1. Of course, he blessed us with a new addition to our family- a lively, perky, responsive little girl named MOLLY.
2. He gave us wise and quick acting doctors who found a way to relieve our family from 5 hours a day of crying and me of the weight of feeding a baby alone.
3. He gave us a way to connect to our church family and give us Christian fellowship IN ATHENS by providing a caregroup that meets right here in our home! (F.Y.I our church is 45 minutes away in Knoxville, we love it and benefit from it enough to make the drive)
4. He gave Ben a new office space, and the kids and i free reign of the house from 8-5! no more VP of universities being greeted by a half dressed todler!
5. He provided an amazing group of sisters to serve me and our children (and ultimately Ben too as i am not as desperate) one day a week.
6. He faithfully paid the bills and fed our children with hearty appetites EVERY MONTH, despite my lack of monetary contribution and Ben's unpredictable salary.
7. He got me out of my slump of post-babies-are all- i- do. I have been SO discouraged since Knox's birth that i found a strand of bitterness in my soul about pretty much all things. He is filling my heart with a new song and new found joy.
8. He got me running again. Seriously, i ENJOY exercise. I am not one that has to be dragged to the gym. I literally put on my sports bra everyday when i dress in hopes that at some point i will get to go for a quick run..and we are now members at our local YMCA that has childcare for $1.00 per hour. i have gotten to do a 10K three times a week since November. woo hoo. maybe i will get to do a half marathon next year after a 5 year wait!
9. He has given us water pressure in our shower (funny i know but a crummy way to start your day with a trickle of lukewarm water..especailly in winter!) We have no way of explaining the sudden burst other than answer to prayer!
10. We have begun family devotions of sort. (with a 2 year old its limited!)
11. Ben has had opportunity to lead worship as a volunteer for our family nights at church. It is such a blessing to have him leading me in worship to our God together once again. He is my favorite worship leader and i think has a special anointing form God in that area.
So 2011 in hindsight for you?