Saturday, June 8, 2013

The End of One Chapter

Life is never easy, its never 'cut and dry'
there are always loose strings; things left untied.
Our little life on Guille street has closed a chapter one
and a new life with more land and house has begun.
All three children coming home to that same blue room
learning to walk on those hard floors, to waddle, run, to ZOOM.
Many a burnt meal at first then mastering a seven day plan
I cooked better meals for all when it wasnt just me and my man.
Something about a baby's cries all the time you prepare
will make a better tasting meal though you're not sure what's in your hair.
I cried almost as much as the babies did those three kids in three years,
God taught me a tons, and loved me lots through each and every tear.
The last year there was for the worst, you know that part of your vow?
I'd thought before 12 was unlucky for me, but I know it is now.
2012, I'm glad you're gone, welcome 2013. 
Im excited about what's next though its rough this month in between.
No house, no home, storage holds it all.
I have had so much rest, i feel like a man at a mall.
You know the ones on the bench, waiting for their girl
lots of watching, lots of waiting, the world going by in a swirl.
Decisions are made about school and work, when and where.
I have actually had time to fix my hair. 
to take a shower, lay out in the sun, 
read a book and listen to sermons.
Its amazing how much time I spend
cleaning house from beginning to end.
Help form grandma's  joyful hands
make each day for kids seem like a dance.
I like this inbetween, this no home, no care
I think about life with a new kind of stare.
What will it be like to live somewhere new?
Where will I walk, what will they do?
With stairs to climb and a big yard to roam
Im sure it wont take long to make it a home.
Meals will be cooked in that fine shiny kitchen
Ben's work will look good hanging in the den.
Pictures of our kids, thats what i want as he asked what i need
Should i say baby gates, and cucumber seed?
A place for a garden, a place for each child
a big bath tub to soak off the wild.
Oh LORD, give us grace, the same as before,
as we start a new chapter and open a door.
June 2013



Katherine said...

I'm praying for you as you begin this sweet new chapter in your life. You're a precious friend to me.

Lynn said...

I love this. It was so good to catch up on your blog and read your thoughts about life now. Love you.