Sunday, February 3, 2013

im back!

I have considered my reasons and decided to start this blog back up. I have had it set to 'private' for a long time now and only those of you who really tried have kept up with me through this blog.

And for those of you who haven't been here before- welcome. If you are really ambitious  and have missed out on the recent years of my life want to read about my crazy life take a scan back through old posts...

But I am hoping to start this back up for a couple of reasons:
1.) To keep a digital track of what these days are like for our family 2.) To journal, reflect and maybe even process on paper (or computer screen) things I am learning 3.) And finally to hopefully encourage you, the reader, with glimpses of joy, glimpses of chaos, and glimpses of grace in my journey of wifehood, motherhood, and well just plain ole adulthood.

So to start off a quick glimpse into 2013.
Brennan is four...FOUR yay! All those mamas who are sad about growing up I could probably learn a lesson from, but each year our children gain a little more independence of me it is exciting. I couldn't wait for them to learn to crawl, to walk, to talk, to feed themselves, dress themselves, take themselves to potty or wash their own hands...BIG milestones in the Finch house.
He can now do all of the above.

Knox is three. It is the most amazing thing to watch the little boy he has progressed into just after the third birthday. I was thinking this morning its like Christ...two days (years) in the grave and now on the third he is ALIVE. sounds crazy but there have been many days I felt like I was in the grave during the first two years of his life.  Through the prayers and hard work of not just family, but some amazing friends we are seeing a lot of beauty in his little passionate soul!

And little Miss Molly is almost TWO. Hooray! Time to get a little more agressive about potty training :) and I am joyfully watching her feed herself, speak words and interact with her brothers. Full of her own passion I look into parenting her with less glum and more fieceness after watching Knox turn three.

Ben and I just returned from Paris, France. So many people follow along on his blog that if there is anyone that didn't know that I would be surprised. Our life seems so public as everywhere I go in this small town people know me, our kids, Ben, and a lot of our business because of his blog. If you havent stumbled on it yet, check it out at

Our house is for sale and we are embracing life with open arms as we wander into the future sight unseen.

Today everything has a certain sweetness that it hasn't had in a while..and I think I know why. Stay tuned to learn more!

Today's Little Joy: All three kids piled up in our bed before the sun came up..looking out the window to see ginormous snowflakes falling.