Thursday, August 22, 2013

catch up

So I really have had multiple times where I wanted to blog but time did not allow. I am determined to get this back up and running. so I am summarizing . Again this is more for myself than anyone so that I have a type of journal of life these days but if it helps, encourages or makes you laugh, hooray.,. it has an expanded purpose! please share your thoughts., like circumstances or any helpful feedback!  Here goes a catch up on 2013.
In January we went to Paris France. Of all the people in the world I was not the most excited about this journey. I do not keep up with fashion (at least not to the international extent) so the shopping did not intrigue me. I don’t care much for architeture  and I don’t remember much world history about France. So you know…I wasn’t the most  thrilled of  passengers headed that way. I also had a paranormal fear that something was going to happen to both of us and someone else was going to have to raise our kids. (probably because my husband decided to have  last will and testament drawn up the day before we were to leave-yep that’s the day we signed it!)
I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with our friends we were there to serve but it was not at all a ‘romantic’ trip as we were in a small apartment with a family of five plus us J
In February we had an abnormal amount of sunshine and warmth and I enjoyed that I was alive and not dead and actually did get to be the one to raise our hoojans- I dare say a much needed perspective..
IN March we boarded another plane to Mexico. This, I was I lot more excited about- warmer weather -sunshine instead of gloom and snow and cold of Paris. There were palm trees and an all-inclusive resort that the bride put us up in as part of Bens payment for the wedding.  I could have stayed there forever.  They had a turn down service at night and wouldn’t let you lift a finger…a far cry from home yall! I got to take a bath in a tub for the first time in about 5 years and I got to swim without having anyone in a life jacket with swimmies attached to each appendage.  I got to go for a run on the beach and it wasnt just because someone needed to pee  or poop. 
all this time our house was for sale. yes our beloved home for the last 7 years. the one each baby came home form the hospital to. the one with a front yard swing and  6 sugar maples and adorable  aging neighbors.
In April we got a lot of calls and had a lot of showings. we got an offer. I was torn. I decided I didn’t want it to sell.  Ben took the offer.
In May we signed a contract.  We started to pray about leaving Athens all together,. We decided to move in my parents’ guest house until we could decide where to live. We interviewed with the international mission board. we got turned down because we could not articulate a specific call to frontier missions only. We started to ask some big questions about our life and how it should look for the next 7 years.
I started having pain after eating or exercise. I went to the doctor and was scheduled for emergency removal of my gallbladder. We had to be our of the house in four days. I couldn’t lift the kids any of them or a box. I stayed up the night before the surgery til midnight packing . 
On Friday after the surgery my dear friend called. I will spare you the long srory but God was generous to them in the  buying of their new home and they wanted to be generous to us and offered their hosue to us at bottom dollar. it fit our needs perfectly. four bedrooms. two acres, close enough to town..on the Knoxville side of Athens. we decided that was our answer to stay or leave. we bough the house. 
stay tuned for July it was a doozy!